Who am I?

Hello from Switzerland!

I’m a rational, focused, independent, and resilient data scientist; published author in peer-reviewed conferences, journals, and whitepapers. I have come up with an AI Readiness Assessment to help organizations identify their needs to start or continue successful AI projects. My primary career objective is to promote creativity and a data-driven culture.

I offer hands-on Big Data, ML & Data Visualization experience in a growing list of domains, such as FinTech, Pharma, e-Commerce, aerospace, e-Health, robotics, and social media.

I obtained Ph.D. in EPFL, School of Computer Science, 2017. I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) since February 2018.

This blog is one of the places where I used to write essays about divine love art & literature, philosophy, culture, personal experiences, etc. to reinforce my creativity. Now it’s repurposed for my professional content – but you can always write me to discuss those other topics.

Let me know if any of the things I write resonate with you. Let’s join our paths, for however and as long as you want.

Cheers, Onur.

Member of The Internet Defense League

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