AI Readiness Assessment

Hello! This is the AI Readiness Assessment Matrix, home page. This self-reflection tool is intended for organizations who wish to start or continue implementing an AI system. With this tool, they can assess the level of readiness of their business, product, and data infrastructure for AI; and further identify the potential actions to improve their readiness (and hence the feasibility) of their AI project.

AI Readiness Assessment Matrix comprises of two parts: “The AI Feasibility Assessment Canvas”, and “Recommendations”.

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The AI Feasibility Assessment Canvas

Please, with your best knowledge, consider the dimensions of Business, Product, and Data Infrastructure readiness. You may use the one below to guide your assessments:

Alternatively, you may download the excel version of the canvas below:


Each organization may have its unique strengths and opportunities to consider. Each of the recommendations below is the right one under the correct circumstances. Based on how you’ve filled the canvas above, you may want to consider one or more of them.

It’s completely possible that some of the responses are not clear yet for your organization, or that some aspects need improvement (e.g. business units’ support for AI; the data governance; etc.). In order to complement your readiness, you may want to consider hiring consultants and/or internal employees.

Main RecommendationSub-recommendationJustification
Hire Digital Transformation Managers/Consultants to…Review the value sources for AIYou are aware of AI technologies, but you have not yet found enough justification to shift or align your business priorities with the requirements for AI projects. You are willing to learn how to accommodate AI in your business model and whether your competitors have already done so. For these, you require assistance to identify the specific added values of AI to your organization.
Create a data-driven cultureTo ensure a lasting success to your AI projects, you will want to create a data-driven culture in your organization: establish the right perception about AI, increase the data literacy, make a habit of data requirements analysis in the daily work
Buy an external solutionYou have determined that AI is essential to your business; but it is more feasible to buy once or pay a periodic subscription fee than to engage your organization to develop your own. This acquisition will not constrain your operations; on the contrary, you will benefit from customer support and continuous improvements
Hire tech consultants to…Help you review your data infrastructureYour organization is willing to execute and deliver an AI project; but you are unsure of your infrastructure capabilities. You decide to learn how to solidify your infrastructure first so that the success in AI is assured.
Review your datasets and recommend you the potential AI applicationsThere are multiple AI projects that you want to take on, but you don’t know which one of them you can already develop using your existing datasets / data collection strategies
Validate technological feasibility of the desired AIYou know what you want from AI, but you want to know if the technology is available or if there is a need for research and development
Do a proof-of-concept for youYou want a pilot project before committing more resources to a large-scale project
Train your workforce for the necessary skill sets to develop/maintainThe product/service idea is concrete; and now you need to make sure that your workforce knows how to develop and maintain it
Accelerate your ongoing developmentYou have identified instances where you will need a quick boost in knowledge, analysis, or development speed for your project
Execute and deliver the technical prerequisites of AIYou have identified that your data infrastructure readiness is not adequate. You will focus on this before starting an AI project.
Execute Product Design and launch the project!You have identified a good level of readiness in terms business and technology. It’s a good time to start an AI project or commit more resources on your ongoing efforts!

A big thanks to Oksana Riba Grognuz for the creative visualization of the canvas.

Creative Commons License
AI Readiness Assessment Matrix by Onur Yürüten is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at