I have opened this ever-updated page to present my thanks to my comrades. I ask for their forgiveness if I haven’t yet mentioned them. Should they want me to do so, I shall also upload their photos. They are many. I keep on this blogging adventure with their material and spiritual, direct or indirect contributions.

Thanks to this life that made me meet you!

My family – my best friends; for the patience that they show, the inspiration that they incite, and their unconditional love that they give.

my best friends

Adrian; for his amazing photos.


Berker, Daniel, Ece, Esat, Mehmet, Okan, Sonia, Yu; For joining me in my written and spoken discussions, and their continuing constructive critiques.

One thought on “Acknowledgements

  1. Varlığın için, bu hayatı bizimle yaşamayı seçtiğin için esas biz sana çok teşekkür ederiz oğluşum… İyi ki varsın.. Bize öyle güzel şeyler kattın ki..

    Hayatımızda bir merhaba ile bile bize dokunmuş herkese şükür ve teşekkür borcumuz vardır.. Sonsuz sevgiyle sarılalım herkese..

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